Staroprzygodzka 117,
Ostrów Wielkopolski

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The company provides construction services in the field of:
•    comprehensive single- and multi-family housing construction in a traditional and prefabricated system along with infrastructure,
•    public utility construction (facilities in the field of education and culture, administrative and office, religious, and sports facilities),
•    Industrial construction (industrial halls, heating-related facilities - boiler rooms),
•    water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, waste disposal sites together with the technology of these facilities,
•    roads and storage yards with a concrete surface,
•    internal road surfaces and parking yards,
•    assembly of steel structures,
•    water supply, sewage and heating networks,
•    internal sanitary and electrical installations,
•    modernisation and renovation of boiler room installations and central heating nodes,
•    finishing works using modern materials and technologies,
•    renovation and demolition works,
•    land use and small architecture and fences,
•    roofing and insulation works,
•    concrete and reinforced concrete construction works,

The overall goal of the company is to provide services at a level that gives satisfaction to customers.